Regular license plates

Normal plate<br>D = Dolnośląskie Province<br>DKL = Kłodzko
Normal plate<br>W = Mazowieckie-Dwuliterowe Province<br>WZ = Warszawa-Zachód
Personalized plate<br>K = Małopolska Province
Personalized plate<br>G = Pomorskie Province
Normal plate<br>G = Pomorskie Province<br>GA = Gdynia
Normal plate<br>T = Świętokrzyskie Province<br>TSA = Sandomierz
Normal plate (old style)<br>B = Podlaskie Province<br>BIA = Białystok country district
Personalized plate (old style)<br>O = Opolskie Province
Normal plate (old style)<br>K = Małopolskie Province<br>KR = Kraków
Unofficial normal plate<br>W = Mazowieckie-Dwuliterowe Province<br>WL = Legionowo
Normal plate (old style)<br>KV = Kraków
Normal plate (old style)<br>SA = Sieradz
Dutch remake of a normal plate<br>K = Małopolskie Province<br>KRA = Kraków
Motorcycle plate<br>C = Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province<br>CT = Torun
Personalized motorcycle plate<br>R = Podkarpackie Province
Moped plate<br>O = Opolskie Province<br>OP = Opole
Moped plate<br>G = Pomorskie Province<br>GD = Gdańsk
Moped plate (old style)<br>G = Pomorskie Province<br>GD = Gdańsk

Special license plates

Agricultural vehicle's plate<br>F = Lubuskie Province<br>FSW = Swiebodzin
Agricultural vehicle's plate (old style)<br>F = Lubuskie Province<br>FSW = Świebodzin
Temporary plate<br>K = Małopolska Province
Temporary plate<br>S = Górny Śląsk Province
Temporary plate (old style)<br>W = Mazowieckie-Dwuliterowe Province
Temporary plate (old style)
Old-timer plate<br>K = Małopolskie Province<br>KR = Kraków
Old-timer plate<br>K = Małopolskie Province<br>KR = Kraków
Old-timer plate (old style)<br>K = Małopolskie Province<br>KR = Kraków
Old-timer plate (old style)<br>K = Małopolskie Province<br>KR = Kraków
Police vehicle's plate<br>H = Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration<br>HP = Police

Diplomatic license plates

Diplomatic plate<br>W = Mazowieckie-Dwuliterowe Province
Diplomatic plate<br>W = Mazowieckie-Dwuliterowe Province

Military license plates

Military plate. U = Military


Poland submissions:

Normal plate (old style)<br>X = Wrocławskie Province. XW = Wrocław City<br>Submitted by Adrian Kot from Poland