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185. Henry
from San Diego | USA
12-12-2022 | 00:57

Great website!

Enjoyed learning about different countries license plates!

184. Trevor Farrington
from florence | italy
09-06-2022 | 17:32

traveler from the us trying to learn about some european license plates

183. Lego and Supercar
from Siena | Italy
06-03-2022 | 09:58

Awesome site, you have a great collection of pictures, would be nice to see you on PlatesMania!

Greetings from Italy


182. anonym user
from Finland
10-01-2022 | 17:30

I have a idea:
Add your plate photos to platesmania.com Platesmania.com!
P.S. Your site is very good! Beer

181. qq liefe qq
from Gasselterboerveenschemond
27-11-2021 | 16:03

ga door met je site!!! glasses oh sad indifferent big grin

180. Ken
from Oregon | USA
17-03-2021 | 16:32

Thank you for making this site

This is an awesome site, very well done and very informative. I've visited many EU countries and always wanted to know how the plates were interpreted. Thank you, keep up the fantastic site!

179. E.M.
from Italy
19-10-2020 | 13:06

Best wishes


I'm really happy to see that this site has been recently updated. I find it's well made.

Best wishes from Italy and hope everything is good despite the pandemic.

178. Gacho
from Latvia
16-10-2018 | 21:41

Hello everybody,

Good site !
If somebody wants to trade with some number plates, please, send me an e-mail.

Maybe is somewhere website where people is trading or selling registration plates ?

Thansk in advance !

177. Arnas
from Lithuania
27-09-2018 | 23:31

really good site, to see all the plates in Europe smile

176. Heikki
from Estonia
27-02-2018 | 21:12

Aitäh, sain abi! smile

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