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179. E.M.
from Italy
19-10-2020 | 13:06

Best wishes


I'm really happy to see that this site has been recently updated. I find it's well made.

Best wishes from Italy and hope everything is good despite the pandemic.

178. Gacho
from Latvia
16-10-2018 | 21:41

Hello everybody,

Good site !
If somebody wants to trade with some number plates, please, send me an e-mail.

Maybe is somewhere website where people is trading or selling registration plates ?

Thansk in advance !

177. Arnas
from Lithuania
27-09-2018 | 23:31

really good site, to see all the plates in Europe smile

176. Heikki
from Estonia
27-02-2018 | 21:12

Aitäh, sain abi! smile

175. Mike
from Belgium
10-12-2017 | 19:28

Great site wink !!!

174. dudu56
from Rome | Italy
09-12-2017 | 18:57

Hello boys... ;

173. LucasT
from Fürth | Germany
08-11-2017 | 17:01

Brazilian collector living in Germany! If anyone wants Brazilian plates write me! drlucastoledo@gmail.com Liebe grüße!

172. Edward Levine
from Pikesville | USA
06-11-2017 | 23:00

Hi. License plate collector enjoying your site. Thanks ALPCA # 11 8 10

171. Pete Newman. NPCC 312
from Yangon | Myanmar
31-08-2017 | 17:58

Myanmar plates

Hi, Nice pix of your Myanmar trip. I have been living & working here since 2010 and seen a lot of changes in number plates. I have managed to get lots of info and collected over 200 of them. If you need any info I'm happy to try to help you. I can tell you a little here, after the Brits left, and sometime in the mid 1050's the Brit plates changed to Burmese script, starting at the first letter of their alphabet,
Kargee 1, up to Kargee 999, then on to Kargwei 1 up to 999. At the time people just painted the number on, or had some done on a piece of metal. The sizes were a third or so larger than today. Not all letters were used, then in mid 1970's a change was made and they started at Sa Lone, the 6th letter of the alphabet. The first 5 letters were saved for low taxed vehs., mostly taxis, and were doubled, Kargee Kargee 1 & up & Kargwee Kargwee 1 & up. However it ended up that only the first 2 letters were used up, replaced today with AA, BB, etc. etc.

170. Anitka
16-08-2017 | 11:56

Strona internetowa na której można znaleźć jeszcze coś fajnego. Wpis do księgi się należy.

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