Eurobands from the 27 EU member states:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czechia Germany
Denmark Spain Estonia France Finland Greece
Hungary Croatia Italy Ireland Luxembourg Lithuania
Latvia Malta Netherlands Portugal Poland Romania
Sweden Slovakia Slovenia


Other eurobands with the EU flag:

Belgium (alternative style) United Kingdom Guernsey Gibraltar Gibraltar (unofficial) United Nations Mission in Kosovo


Euroband look-alikes:

Albania Bulgaria (old style) Bosnia and Herzegovina England (unofficial but permitted style) Faroe Islands United Kingdom (unofficial but permitted style)
Israel Iran Lithuania (old style) Moldova Moldova (old style) North Macedonia
Montenegro Norway Poland (old style) Kosovo Romania (old style) Scotland (unofficial but permitted style)
Serbia Turkey Ukraine US Forces in Germany US Forces in Germany Lebanon


Differently coloured 'bands':

Albania (old style) Armenia Armenia (Nagorno-Karabakh) Andorra Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan (old style) Belarus Côte d'Ivoire Wales (unofficial but permitted style)
Jersey Isle of Man Georgia Georgia (old style) Georgia (old style)
Ghana Hungary (old style) Iceland Kyrgyzstan (with holographic strip) Kyrgyzstan (without holographic strip)
Kyrgyzstan (old style) Kazakhstan Latvia (old style) Moldova (old style) Moldova (old style)
Moldova (Transnistria) Moldova (Transnistria, old style) Benin San Marino Slovakia (old style)
Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine (old style) Ukraine (old style) Uzbekistan


Unofficial bands and stickers:

Spain (Catalonia, unofficial style) Cyprus (alternative style) Spain (Basque Country, unofficial sticker) Gibraltar (unofficial) Morocco (unofficial)
Morocco (unofficial) Morocco (unofficial) Morocco (unofficial) Morocco (unofficial) Northern Ireland (unofficial but permitted style)